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97 Squadron


Official Squadron badge of No. 97 Squadron RAF





Squadron Badge


 1 December 1917 to 1 April 1920
September 1935 to 20 May 1940
25 February 1941 1 January 1956
1 December 1959 to 2 January 1967
United Kingdom
Royal Air Force

Achieve your aim


An ogress pierced by an arrow, point downwards.

The badge is indicative of accurate aim.

Handley Page Type O
Handley Page Heyford
Avro Manchester

Avro Lancaster

Avro Lincoln


Aircraft flown

No. 97 Squadron RAF

97 Squadron (brief history) transferred from Coningsby on 1 March 1942. As the second unit to be equipped with the Lancaster, the squadron was heavily involved with early operations with this aircraft, including the low level mission to bomb the MAN diesel engine factory in Augsburg on 17 April 1942. The Squadron moved to Bourne, Cambridgeshire, in 1943 leaving three crews as a nucleus for 617 Squadron, "The Dambusters"

No. 97 (Straits Settlements) Squadron, was a Royal Air Force squadron formed on 1 December 1917 at Waddington, Lincolnshire.


World War I
The squadron formed on 1 December 1917 at RAF Waddington, and was initially a training unit. The squadron re-equipped with the Handley Page O/400 heavy bomber before moving to France in August 1917. In total, it flew 91 bombing sorties and dropped 64 tons of bombs before the end of the First World War.

Between the Wars
From 17 November 1918, 97 Squadron was based at RAF Saint Inglevert, departing on 4 March 1919, and re-equipping with the Airco DH.10 Amiens. The squadron was later posted to India, where it remained until disbanding on 1 April 1920, after being re-numbered No. 60 squadron.

The squadron reformed on 16 September 1935 at RAF Catfoss, and was equipped with the Handley Page Heyford.

World War II

The squadron was disbanded again in April 1940.

The squadron reformed again on 25 February 1941 at Waddington, and was equipped with the Avro Manchester bomber. Later the squadron was re-equipped with the Avro Lancaster, and in April 1943 became a pathfinder force squadron.

The squadron also trained several pilots who were later transferred to 617 Squadron to participate in Operation Chastise.

Official Historian 97 (Straits Settlement) Squadron Association Kevin Bending

On Saturday 24th September 2011 members of the 97 (Straits Settlement) Squadron visited Thorpe Camp Visitor Centre. The special guests take time for a photo during their reunion.  Photos by  Thorpe Camp Preservation  Group.

Association President Wing Commander K.H.H. Cook DFC

Hon. Secretary  97 (Straits Settlement) Squadron Association The Late Mrs. Ann Savage

&  Vic Savage

Flight Engineer C.W. “Bill” Goldring

Ernie Groeger

Flight Lieutenant Bob Lasham DFC Bar

Don Cowley

Warrant Officer

Harold Kirby

Fred Weedon

Warrant Officer

Gerry Sealy-Bell

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