The Preservation Group.

The Centre was formerly part of No 1 Communal Site, RAF Woodhall Spa, and was built in 1940 with a planned lifespan of only ten years! The site included the Officers and Sergeants Messes, Airmen's Dining Halls and the NAAFI building, together with ration store, latrine and ablution blocks. Only the Airmen's Dining Halls, the NAAFI and ration store are within the Centre's boundary.

At the end of the war, when the RAF vacated the site, it became a target for squatters and was taken over by the Horncastle Rural District Council who converted it into temporary housing for which it was used until the early 60's.


By 1987 the site was completely derelict and overgrown. Part of it came within the area acquired by the Woodland Trust when they purchased the adjacent Carr Woods and it was their plan to demolish the buildings.


The Preservation Group was formed in 1988 to rescue the site from demolition and to create the visitor centre. 

5. Memorial Propeller at the Car Park entrance.

6. Car Park.

7. RAF Woodhall Spa Memorial.

8. ATC display.

9. Main Hall (A) - The story of RAF Woodhall Spa . Records of the four Squadrons, Dioramas of  the Airfield, Tirpitz, Möhne Dam and details of raids.

9.  Main Hall (B) - Civilian life. Royal Observer Corps Post, Bombed house, Anderson Shelter,

Wartime kitchen, Pill-box models,

 Secret Resistance display,  The Arnhem Story.

9.  Main Hall (C). Refreshment and Souvenir shop.

     Prisoners of War and Escapes.

9.   Main Hall (D). Military Radio  Room.

10. Toilets.

11. Arrester Gear, 1940's Radio Sets, Fairchild Argus.

12. Stand-by Set House.

13. Mew Gull & Tiger Moth aircraft, Bombs,

      Telephone equipment.

14. Meeting Room.

15. Picket-Hamilton Fort.
16. Workshop.
17. Women's Land Army, V2 display, Home Guard.

18. Model Aircraft.

19. Lancaster cockpit and artifacts.
20. English Electric Lightning.
21. Bloodhound (Surface to air
22. Sewage Ejector House.
23. Cycle Shed.
24. Ticket Office (entrance).
25. Emergency Water Supply

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