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RAF Woodhall Spa

The South Hall of the Visitor Centre has displays covering the airfield itself, and separate areas for each of the squadrons which operated from RAF Woodhall Spa during WWII.


RAF Woodhall Spa became operational in February 1942 as a heavy bomber airfield within 5 Group (Bomber Command).


It was a satellite of RAF Coningsby and from January 1944 a sub-station of No.54 Base (Coningsby, Metheringham and Woodhall Spa)

This Avro Lancaster Propeller, recovered from The Wash, is dedicated to the personnel of the Royal and Allied Air Forces who have served at Royal Air Force Woodhall Spa since 1942.

With the end of the war in Europe the airfield was used as an assembly and kitting-out point for ground personnel for Tiger Force, the planned heavy bomber force for the Far East. After VJ Day Tiger Force was dispersed, and with 627 Squadron disbanded and with 617 Squadron moving to RAF Waddington, the airfield was closed. In the years that followed the site was used by 92 MSU for the storage of bombs.


From the late 1950's to 1965 Woodhall Spa became a base for Bloodhound SAM missiles. With the rest of the airfield sold off for agriculture or mineral extraction, the former missile site has remained under the control of RAF Coningsby and was used for the servicing of Tornado engines until 2003 when it was mothballed.

It was orignally erected on the airfield in 1993 by the officers and airmen of the Propulsion Flight, RAF Woodhall Spa, and was moved to Thorpe Camp Visitor Centre (formally No.1 Communal Site, RAF Woodhall Spa) when the Propulsion Flight closed down in 2003..​

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